• Graduation Requirements for all SJUSD students

    through the class of 2022



    The chart on this page is a brief summary of San Juan Unified School District graduation requirements and entrance requirements for colleges in the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) systems.


    High school counselors are available to meet with students during the school day as well as before and after school. Students may schedule an appointment in the counseling office at their school. The list of courses at each school site that meet the UC and CSU admission requirements is available in the counseling office or at UC A-G Course List Search.

    To receive a high school diploma, students must:

    • Pass all courses required for graduation, and
    • Earn a minimum of 220 course credits at traditional schedule schools and 280 credits at block schedule schools,and
    • Satisfy additional school board approved site-determined graduation requirements such as a senior project or community service.
    Check with your school counselor for complete information.
    Requirements to the class of 2022
     A-G Requirements
    * Required courses and units for graduation differ at: Casa Roble Fundamental High School
    *Starting with the class of 2019, in the area of mathematics, 2 years including IM 1 
    *Starting with the class of 2023, the following areas will have increases in requirements: mathematics 3 years will be required, science 3 years will be required and foreign language 2 years will be required.