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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What days/times will this occur?
      • Every Wednesday
      • Bell schedule - Same as the Rally Schedule. Spartan Time will be after 4th period just before lunch, 11:10am-11:52am
    • Who is it for?
      • ALL students will be working with a teacher in small class size of 15-20 students
      • Teachers select students either for intervention or enrichment
    • What is the purpose of Spartan Time?
      • To provide struggling students intervention and those students on track enrichment lessons
    • How will we know where our student is supposed to go during Spartan Time?
      • Teachers will post rosters in their rooms the day before Spartan Time
      • Rosters will be posted in several locations around campus
    • What will teachers do during this time?
      • Examples: Ms. Crackel and Mr. Locke will be offering seniors interested in working on senior projects they can sign up with them. If a student was absent or has missing assignments they will be given the opportunity to meet with that teacher to get caught back up.