Mesa Verde FLEX Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


    PDF Flyer of the Policy Information That Follows

    What is the purpose for the Mesa Verde’s FLEX period?

    A 31-minute academic support/enrichment period that is built into the instructional day and is available for ALL students in ALL content areas four days per week.  

    Why did Mesa Verde High School develop the FLEX period?

    The block schedule moves quickly. As a result, students can fall behind quickly as the terms progress. While we have often offered tutoring and other means of support for our struggling students, we have seen minimal results of a large scale as these methods were not built into the schedule and often times were not accessible to the majority of our students.  With the 31-minute FLEX period, students are now provided an opportunity to receive help as they see fit every week and it provides a built-in structure to which we can all commit.

    When does the FLEX period take place?

    Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday between periods 1 and 2.  In some instances, however, we do not have FLEX on these days. For example, we do not have FLEX on Rally Days or Minimum Days and we typically start the FLEX period one to two weeks after a new term begins.

    Who Attends FLEX?

    Every student.

    Students with a grade of D or F will report to their scheduled FLEX period (see below).  
    Students with a grade of A or B can report to one of two common areas or attend one of their other classes, with prior approval from their teachers, to receive support in that subject.  
    Students with a grade of C can attend one of their other classes (not the common areas), with prior approval from their teachers, to receive support in that subject.  If students choose to attend another classroom it must be one of their scheduled teachers.

    What Determines scheduled FLEX Period?

    Monday = 1st period

    Tuesday = 2nd period

    Wednesday = 3rd period

    Friday = 4th period

    Where Are The Common Areas and What Is The Expectation?

    Performing Arts Center = Area for students to sit in groups and work on classwork.  Cell phones, music, and excessive unproductive socializing will not be permitted.

    Library = Area for students to work independently  on homework and/or study for other classes. Area will mirror that of a public library and should be quiet at all times.

    Other classrooms = Students will be able to leave their scheduled FLEX period to receive help from another one of their teachers (with prior approval).  

    What is the Teacher’s Role and Responsibility During FLEX?

    Teachers will scan in all students who come to their classroom during the FLEX period.  They will do this at the beginning of class using the scanner and Google Spreadsheet provided.  Additionally, teachers will not allow any student who is not on one of their rosters into their classroom.  

    If a student comes to their class in lue of their scheduled FLEX room, the teachers will ensure that the grade expectation is met for that student to enter their classroom to receive help.  

    Teachers will ensure that all students are actively engaged in school work.  

    Teachers will provide support or enrichment for students during their FLEX period and will have consistent expectations for their students.  

    Teachers will not perform new instruction during FLEX.

    Teacher support is defined as:

    Intervening with students that are failing (F) or in danger of failing (D) by providing tutoring and/or remediation
    Providing opportunities for students to make up missed work (tests, quizzes, projects, labs, etc.)
    Allowing 1x1 or small group tutoring or study sessions for all students
    Reteaching key content to students during FLEX
    Conferencing with students
    Planned reteaching for entire class provided first instruction has already taken place

    What is the Student’s Role and Responsibility During FLEX?

    Students will carry their student ID at all times as it will be their ticket into FLEX and will be scanned every FLEX period.

    Students will go to their scheduled FLEX teacher under the following circumstances:  1) they are failing (F), 2) they are in danger of failing (D), 3) their teacher is reteaching an entire lesson and has requested all students to attend, or 4) their teacher requests the student to stay in their scheduled FLEX period for a specific reason.  

    Students will go to the common area, stay in their assigned class, or attend another one of their teacher’s class with (with prior approval), if eligible, based on receiving an A or a B in their scheduled FLEX period.

    Students will participate in learning and maintaining exemplary citizenship.


    What are Administrator and Counselor Roles & Responsibility During FLEX?

    They will monitor the common areas and send students back to their scheduled FLEX period if they are not eligible to be in other areas.

    They will ensure no students are wandering out of place and are regularly getting to classes on time.

    They will hold students accountable if they are not using the time properly.

    They will observe classrooms.

    They will provide opportunities for teachers to give feedback, and to give feedback to teachers. 

    Schoolwide Staff Commitments for FLEX

    We will provide a safe and effective learning environment during the FLEX period.
    We will all take an active role during FLEX by:
    Interacting and checking in regularly with students
    Providing consistent structure during class time
    Doing our best to keep grades up-to-date
    We will hold students accountable to their learning.
    We understand flexibility may need to be exercised during the implementation process.
    We will honor the academic time by not allowing students out of the class for any reason unless an emergency requires the student to leave the room.
    We will all own this as academic time and will reiterate this to students.  The intent is to provide academic improvement opportunities for our students.