K-Kids at Schweitzer


    K-Kids at Albert Schweitzer Elementary was formed in the 2018-2019 school year in partnership with The Carmichael Kiwanis Club.


    The club consists of students grade 3-5 at Schweitzer who have demonstrated leadership in the classroom as well as an interest in improving Schweitzer through their volunteer efforts.

    Students meet after school on a regular basis with Schweitzer advisors and Carmichael Kiwanis sponsors.

    The 2019-2020 school year promises to be an exciting year for the club as they volunteer to help their Schweitzer and larger community.

    Winter Coat and Socks Drive

    January 7 - January 17


    Bring your gently used coats and NEW socks to Schweitzer for a good cause! 


    Fall Volunteer Event


    KCRA Kids Can Food Drive

    In partnership with the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services


    October 14 - November 8

    Bring canned and non-perishable food to school! The K-Kids have placed a donation box in each classroom. 



    A letter from the food drive coordinator to Schweitzer volunteers

    [Dear Schweitzer Elementary],

    The final results for the Kids Cans drive are in the books! On behalf of the KCRA 3 and the Sacramento Food Bank, of which our  St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) food locker is a subsidiary (Neighborhood Food Agency Network 5), I  just wanted to thank you, the Kiwanis Kids organization, the staff and students of Sweitzer Elementary school for an incredibly outstanding job! From seven elementary schools in the area and Barrett middle school, our food bank gathered over 3 tons (6394lbs) of non-perishables of which Schweitzer Elementary led the way with 1156 lbs. worth of non-perishable foods!!! Our most productive food drive in over three years.

    The food your school donated will help us to get through the long winter months, when fresh produce is greatly reduced. Although we do give to homeless individuals and families, the great bulk of our donated groceries (over 97%) goes to low income families, who are just scraping by from month to month to remain in their apartments or dwellings. We continue to think and hope that by distributing this food, we are greatly helping to reduce the number of homeless people in the area, some of which may be the families of your very own students.


    Thank you once again for your great help! Please give our thanks to all who assisted in this community building endeavor.


    Most Sincerely,

    Tom Henderson

    SVdP Food Locker Coordinator