• Albert Schweitzer Garden


    In Spring 2019 under the dedicated leadership of Schweitzer parents, the Schweitzer Community Garden opened!


    Volunteers helped build the raised beds, pour the cement for the garden shed, and build the garden fence. Students painted the fence posts with help from our art teacher.


    The 2019-2020 school year promises to be an exciting inaugural year for the Community Garden.


    Each grade level and our after school program, Discovery Club, has a raised bed. Teachers will work together in grade-level teams to determine how they will use their raised bed for vital experiential learning.


    Because of this fantastic addition to Schweitzer, students will be able to:


    • Be inspired to ask questions and seek answers through their own research and observations.

    • Observe the workings of a diverse ecosystem first-hand.

    • Recognize their ability to create a place of beauty and ecological significance.

    • Discover the connections between themselves, their peers, and the natural world.

    • Contribute to the production of healthy food, from seed to table. 

    • Apply concepts learned in multiple academic areas.