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    Bridges After-School Program

  • Building Bridges to Student Success

  • The San Juan Unified School District's Bridges After-School/ASSETs Programs provide homework support, enrichment and pro-social recreation in a safe and positive environment. The Bridges After-School/ASSETs Programs currently serve approximately 3,000 students, grades K-12, in 35 programs at 35 sites. Student success is supported through the implementation of each of the four components of the program: homework support, enrichment/disguised learning, pro-social skills/recreation, and parent support and empowerment. Strong relationships between program staff, school staff, parents and students are key!

STEM, Living in Color, Masterminds, Homework Assitance, Clubs include Gaming, Sports, Engineering, Sphero, and Culinary
  • Applications available in the front office or R1


    For more information on the program, visit the program's website or call Shayla at 916-416-9612.