• phonics activities to do at home

    Making Words

           Making Words is an activity in which your child is given some letters (written on squares of paper) and he/she actively manipulates these letters to make words; your child will discover letter-sound relationships and learn how to look for patterns in words.  He/She will also learn that changing just one letter or the sequence of the letters changes the whole word.  Please follow the procedures of this sample lesson (the difficulty can be adapted by changing the vowels, consonants, and words to build):                                                

    Sample Lesson

    Letter cards (one letter per paper square):    a  m  s  t     (writing the vowels in red helps your                         child to recognize that every word has at least one vowel.)

          Directions to be given to your child:

    1.     Take 2 letters and make am.

    2.     Add a letter to make the three-letter word Sam.

    3.     Now you’re going to start again.  Take 2 letters and make at.

    4.     Add a letter to make the three-letter word mat.

    5.     Now change just the first letter and mat can become sat.

              Whiteboard activity to follow word making.

              Word Dictation directions to be given to your child:

    1.     Write the word am. (Check for accuracy.  If word is spelled incorrectly say “You wrote ___, make it am, emphasizing correct sound.”)  What word did you write?

    2.     Repeat with each of the words in the lesson.


    Refrigerator Activities

    The following activities are designed to help your child practice her/her phonics skills.  They will help your child develop skill in listening for sounds, writing the symbols associated with the sounds, and recognizing the symbols in print.  Choose an activity, print it, and either post it on your refrigerator or keep it where you can refer to it to practice with your child. 

              Refrigerator Activity 1:  Finger Printing

    You need:  a shallow pan or tray, sand, salt, or shaving cream

    What to do:  Pour a thin layer of sand, salt, or shaving cream in the tray. 

              As you name a sound, /a/ for example, have your child practice writing the letter a with      his or her finger.  Continue practicing vowels and consonants.

              Refrigerator Activity 2:  I Spy

    What to do:  Choose an object in the room that begins with a certain letter sound, such as table      for the sound of letter t.  Say to your child “I spy something that begins with /t/”.  Have          your child guess the name of the object.  Take turns choosing objects and guessing.              

              Refrigerator Activity 3: Rhyming Relay

    What to do:  Call out a short word with either the short /a/ or the short /u/ sound, such as man     or rug.  Have your child say a word that rhymes with your word.  Take turns saying        rhyming words (such as man, fan, tan, ran, can).  You can also choose to give a      specific sound.  For example:  Say, “Rhymes with rug, begins with /h/”.  Child says, “hug”.


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