Archive: 2010-2011 Strategic Plan Tactics


    Tactic 1

    We will integrate relevant technology into teaching, learning and system operations to best achieve our mission and objectives.
    • Acquire additional promethean Interactive Boards/ActiVote
    • Wireless Internet (WiFi) will be available in every classroom
    • Three Mobile Computer Labs
    • Update software for existing teacher and student computers.
    • Update D-24 computer lab
    • Integrate technology into student-centered learning to develop critical thinking and presentation skills.Train and motivate teachers in use of technology.

    Tactic 2

    We will continue to develop a positive culture reflecting integrity and respect that inspires students to become contributing, responsible, and caring members of our community.
    • Advisory classes will share with students a variety of opportunities: campus-wide, community and education beyond. Advisory classes will also have an aspect that teaches respect for self and others.
    • Strengthen student recognition programs that encourage students to perform better in the classroom, around campus and in the community.
    • Expand and strengthen connections with our feeder schools and service groups that will market Mesa Verde as an exceptional learning community with a spirited school culture.

    Tactic 3

    In collaboration with family and staff, each student will develop a personalized educational plan to ensure their success through high school and into their College/Career path.
    • Implement an online individualized educational plan.
    • We will provide various ways for students to have access to their Student Education Plan (SEP).
    • Provide training opportunities on the SEP for parents, teachers, students, and staff.
    • Establish a system for staff to use data generated by the student’s SEP to nurture and better serve students.

    Tactic 4

    We will ensure effective, timely, and open communication through the collaborative efforts of Mesa Verde students, staff, parents, and community and we will increase awareness by promoting Mesa Verde as an exceptional learning community.
    • Maximize the potential of our current communication methods (including school website, RSS feed, electronic newsletter, ED Connect, Electronic Marquee, Facebook, Twitter, and traditional print methods).
    • Increase awareness of Mesa Verde within the community.
Last Modified on October 15, 2017