• 2019-20 8th grade Math
    My name is Mr Plumb.
    I teach 8th grade Mathematics here at Will Rogers MIddle School.
    I teach Common Core Mathematics for the 8th grade and also the Foundations course for students that need extra help in math.
    Once we have reached June of 2020, you as parents should know that our students have been given every opportunity to use and practice all the academic tools they need to succeed at the next level. It is very important that students understand the importance of this year. 8th grade students are in such an important position this year. If they work their best to succeed, they have the power to make their high school math experience much easier.
    Students that work hard, even when they do not always know all answers, will usually have a better experience with my class. The brain of the middle school student is in a period of massive growth and development, and this is the best time to grow their brain by working through challenges. it has been proven that students that have "productive struggles" show more growth in their brains because they work through challenges and learn nearly twice as much!
    Will Rogers math teachers hope that you are giving your children and our students the necessary tools they need to be at school ready to learn. I don't mean pencils and paper (they should have that too!). I mean sleep, food and encouragement.
    Our kids are a dynamic, interesting, and creative group of individuals that all have amazing personalities. Inside these personalities are ideas, wonderings, and expressions that can only be truly developed through an active and rested body and mind.
    I will thank you in advance for your continued support this year, I know we will do well as a community that comes together for the sake of our children. You can contact me anytime or come in and watch any time.
    I would encourage students to see me with any concerns. 
    Thank you
    Patrick Plumb
    8th Grade Mathematics
Last Modified on October 14, 2019