Playground Rules

  • General Playground Behavior

    • No food or drink is allowed on any playground
    • Water bottles are not allowed
    • No spitting.
    • No swearing, vulgar language or name calling
    • Students having a dispute will be taken off of the equipment or out of the game for a time out.
    • Toys and equipment from home are not allowed
    • Students may not hang out, hide or play in the restrooms.
    • Students need to move away from the restrooms as soon as they are finished with the facility.
    • Paper towels are for drying hands only.



    • One way traffic only
    • No standing on the bars
    • Keep one hand on the bars at all times
    • No hanging upside down
    • No jumping off of the bars
    • Enter the bars from the platform
    • Do not use the bars unless you can reach them on your own.
    • Go down the bars only, not up
    • Six students only may be on the platform at one time
    • No walking or playing under the bars


    • No swinging on the side poles
    • No walking up the slides
    • Only one student allowed on the ladder at a time
    • Slide down on your bottom only


    • No kicking balls on the blacktop.
    • No long passes or throws
    • Multi-purpose handball is no more than 3 players at a time


    • No more than 7 students on each side
    • All students must be allowed to play and be rotated into the game

    Jump Rope:

    • Jump ropes must be used for jumping only.


    • No climbing or hanging from the trees
    • No picking up branches or sticks
    • No standing on benches or tables
    • No playing or running in the halls
    • Students must be out of the halls and behind the restraining line west of rooms 1,7 and 13.
    • Students are not to be on the playground before 7:40 a.m. or between 2:30 and 4:30 p.m.
    • Teachers will inform students of the "off limits" areas.
Last Modified on January 27, 2020