Cafeteria Rules and Procedures

  • Good nutrition habits are beneficial to learning. Breakfast and lunch are available at Arlington Heights Elementary School. Menus are planned by the district 's registered dietician to meet federal and state guidelines for good health (such as reduced fat). Elementary school breakfast and lunch menus are published and sent home monthly.

    All schools allow students to make choices from the menu. Students may elect to refuse any two(2) items from the menu. Arlington Heights also has a salad bar from which children may make choices.

    Free and Reduced-Price Meals (Ed. Code § 49510; District Policy 3553)

    Free and reduced-price meals are available to students eligible because of financial hardship. Confidential applications for free and reduced-price meals are available at schools and the district office. You may apply for benefits any time during the school year. Participants in the National School Lunch Program will not be overtly identified (no special tokens, special tickets, special serving lines, separate entrances, or separate dining areas).

    Meal Prices

    Milk - 40 cents a carton

    Breakfast - $1.75

    Lunch - $2.75

    Students who are without a lunch or lunch money may borrow one lunch. They must pay back before they can borrow again. If they have not paid back and still have no money they will be given fruit and milk. Students who need to charge go to the office to call home first.

    Cafeteria Rules:

    • Students must stay in their seats unless given permission by a supervisor to move, dump their trash or go to the restroom.
    • Students are dismissed by the supervisors and may not leave until told to do so.
    • Students must eat at least part of their lunch before throwing away any food.
    • Students may not share or give food to other students.
    • No food or drinks re allowed on the blacktop or playground
    • Students must make sure their entire eating area is clean before leaving the cafeteria or outside eating area.
Last Modified on May 24, 2014