• Arden Middle School School Site Council

    Meets once per month (during the school year) 

    2:45-3:45 P.M. in the Arden Library



    2018/2019 Meeting Dates:

    *No meeting in September or October 2018

    *November 5, 2018 (Meeting Minutes for 11-5-18)

    *December 3, 2018 (Meeting Minutes for 12-3-18)

    *No meeting in January 2019

    *February 11, 2019 (Meeting Minutes for 2-11-19)

    *March 11, 2019 (Meeting Cancelled)

    *April 8, 2109

    *No meeting in May or June 2019

    *Summer Break: July and August 2019


    School Site Council
    Minutes of February 11, 2019
    Meeting called to order at 2:50 PM

    Stephanie Malia, Mary Santiman, Adam Pierce, Takoa Raney, Cathy Franz, Allie Moore, Anthony Seibles, Melanie Campos

    New Business:
    Mrs. Malia distributed the School Accountability Report Card (SARC) for review and discussion. The report uses data from the 2017-18 school year and shows comparisons to previous school years, as well. Ms. Raney read through Arden’s Mission Statement and school profile. Student enrollment and ethnicity was reviewed, and it was noted that our enrollment has increased for the 2018-19 school year, but the ethnicity percentages remain close to the same.

    The significance of the William’s Act was explained to the council members (students), and the adopted curriculum in the respective core-subject areas, including Science laboratory equipment, was reviewed. We read through the school facility and planned improvement section which determined Arden is in “good” repair status for physical systems and an “exemplary” overall rating.

    Discussion of pupil achievement:
    CAASPP test results for all students at Arden (2017-18) shows ELA 54% and Math 45% met or exceeded state standards. There is a further breakdown of those results by gender, ethnicity, and our targeted student groups. Ms. Raney discussed how we use some of our LCFF funds to support our focus areas, one of which is test-taking strategies. Professional development and continuing education for teachers is critical to overall success of students.

    Parent involvement/community engagement/school climate:
    It is noted that Arden has a very active PTA with volunteers and support by parents/families. Use of the parent portal was discussed. Arden continues to educate parents/students on the importance of regularly accessing the information available to them through the portal, especially progress reports.

    We are currently handing out paper copies of progress reports only upon request. Some discussion concerning whether we should return to paper copies for everyone. Very costly and time consuming.

    Suspensions/expulsions resulted in increase in 2017-18 over previous years.

    Safety is a top priority. The Safety team meets regularly and plans the various fire/lockdown drills and reviews safety data for the campus, with incident response information, and details on safety policies. The Comprehensive School Safety Plan will be reviewed and finalized by the site council.

    Motion to approve the SARC: Mary Santiman/ Second: Adam Pierce- approved.

    2018-19 SBAC Proficiency Summary (fall and winter MAP tests): results were discussed.

     students exceeding standards increased
     students at or nearly at standards had slight decrease
     students not at standards stayed the same

     students exceeding standards increase
     students at standards had very slight increase
     students nearly at or not at had slight decrease

    Motion to approve the MAP fall /winter results: Allie Moore/ Second: Melanie Campos – approved.

    Comments: conversation around cell phones at school. Mrs. Malia reported that Arden’s cell phone policy is being reviewed for possible changes next year.  Students felt they can have both positive and negative impact. They notice groups of students using their phones, instead of interacting with one another. It was mentioned students using cell phones in the hallways causes congestion and accidents. It is a distraction in class for students. Teachers have different policies concerning cell phones.

    Meeting was adjourned at 3:37 pm. Motion made: Mary Santiman/ Second: Adam Pierce – approved.

Last Modified on March 20, 2019