Arden Middle School Cell Phone Policy

  • Cell phones/mobile devices cannot be used in class without permission.  Phones can be confiscated and held in the office requiring a parent/guardian to pick it up.  The office is a cell-phone-free zone.  Students referred to the office are expected to turn in their phones while they are in the office.  Arden is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged cell phones.  Please secure them at all times.


    NEW RULES: No cell phones or ear buds can be used or visible in the hallways/during passing periods, so they should not be visible when students enter class or run errands during class (no exceptions for TAs).

    • Cell phones and ear buds remain unused and out of sight in classrooms unless given teacher permission
    • Lunch: students may use phones at lunch, but not in hallways and NOT in lunch line.
Last Modified on September 10, 2019