Arden Middle School Dress Code

  • All clothing and accessories should be free of any references to drugs, alcohol or tobacco. They should be free of any profanity, racially offensive or sexually suggestive messages, and cannot denote any gang affiliation, cult affiliation or satanic references.  Pajamas, slippers and sleep wear may not be worn at Arden.


    • Knit hats and hoods are to be removed when inside classrooms.
    • Hats with a brim may be worn for sun protection during P.E.. If a hat is needed for medical reasons, please contact the office.
    • All other hats must be removed when on campus.
    • Bandanas, skull caps, head-nets, etc. are not allowed.


    • Shoes must be worn at all times.
    • Shoes with wheels are not allowed.


    • Sunglasses must be removed in class.
    • Spike collars or hanging chains are not allowed.
    • Belt buckles must be appropriate. Excess belt that hangs down may not exceed 3 inches.
    Any clothing or makeup that creates a distraction to the educational environment is not allowed.

    Arden Middle School Dress Code 

    Arden Middle School's Dress Code  
Last Modified on March 20, 2019