• Who is Mr. C?
    Chris Corcoran has been teaching for over 26 years. He has a passion for World History and has traveled extensively in Europe. Instilling a lifetime interest in learning is his goal. "I  want my students to really learn to think, not just know a lot of facts." 

    Mr. C is a product of the San Juan schools having gone to Cowan, Arcade, and then Mira Loma. Arcade "turned" fundamental in eight grade, and perhaps it was the "fundamental" work ethic or something else, but Mr. C found himself in uncharted waters earning extremely high marks and receiving a scholarship award for a 3.96 GPA. It was an amazing turn around for a B/C student to get such marks that "friends" asked as I went up to grab the award, "Corcoran..no way!" But it goes to show you what hard work can do. I tell my students this story every year. All I did, was do my work every day without fail, regardless of a knock on the door and a request for, "Can Chris some out and play football". I'd go to the door and say, "Sorry guys, gotta do homework."
    After high school I got my Bachelor of Arts from UCSB. I'll be honest I was never one of those kids who "knew" what he wanted to do after college. I just knew I didn't want to be out walking the streets without a job. So I enrolled at National University, got a teaching credential and began what has amounted to a 27 plus year teaching career. My first job was a long term sub at Starr King. Then another stint at Edison. Both gigs were VERY difficult. To say I didn't have my classroom management style down would be an understatement. But... I got through both jobs and very luckily landed a 2 1/2 year tenure at Sierra Oaks, paradise in comparison. Unfortunately I was surplused in '92, but landed again at the AMAZING school called Del Dayo. Here! I can't tell you how fortunate I have been to be at Del Dayo so long. The parent support has always been tremendous, the kids are so well behaved, and the best thing is...I can actually teach. I love to introduce kids to ancient history and all the other subjects. 
    Anyways, I truly am blessed with a wonderful family. We enjoy traveling together. I enjoy sipping a very large cup of Starbucks coffee on the weekend. I love to exercise and enjoy the outdoors, REI getting lots of my spare change. One of my major passions is music. I try to play just about any instrument I can get my hands on. I buy plenty of guitar strings and drum heads from Skips Music. But even more, I love listening to music. I have a very extensive collection, rock, pop, jazz, even some country. Lately I've been buying vinyl, or records. I used to frequent the Beat, but since they've closed, the main place I buy music is Amazon.  I really like to play music, especially guitar and drums, so you might see me at Skips or Guitar Center. Mr. C can often be seen getting take out at Dos Coyotes, dining in at Cafe Bernardo, or going to trivia night at The Shack. Like Mr. Edgemon, I love Star Trek and love reruns of Seinfeld, and newer shows too like Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Turn, Washington's Spies, Breaking Bad, Umbrella Academy, Stranger Things, Polldark, All Creatures Great and Small and Lost. 
    Perhaps the most memorable television I remember as a kid was staying up until 11 PM for two weeks watching Roots. I was in seventh grade and that show changed how I viewed the world, and help give me empathy for others. I highly recommend challenging shows like this, especially in the formative Middle school years.

    Mr. C's family includes Kristie, his wife and travel partner of seventeen years,  and his 17 year old daughter, Madeline. 
Last Modified on August 12, 2021