• 2020 Sports-A-Rama!


    What is Sports-a-rama? Ask any ML Alum after 1984 about Sports-A-Rama and you will get stories! It is an athletic, artistic, performance and multi-class competition that all Mira Loma students are invited to participate in or attend every spring!

     Sports a Rama

           Sports-A-Rama La Sierra High School, the brainchild of Doug Woodard, the activities director at La Sierra High School. Some of the activities that he saw working as a director e inspired him to come up with a much bigger idea: to create an event that would increase school spirit by involving all 4 classes competing in a dozen or more activities. Then in 1983, La Sierra was closed. The La Sierra HS juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen brought this low-key S-A-R idea with them when they transferred to Mira Loma  and ML improved it by adding Penny Wars, a class T-shirt Art Competition, and by including any & all interested students from each class as participants in at least one event or more. Now it is common to see a sea students from each year’s class compete in a variety of events against each other. What about those students who don’t participate? They become the roaring masses of spectators who are joined by Alumni the parents & staff who fill the gym to capacity. Sports-A-Rama is Mira Loma’s highest attended and most anticipated event of the school year. 

    Want to participate in Sports-A-Rama?

     Permission Slips to participate are due Feb. 3rd For the complete application (click here) parent permission slip (click here) and rules (click here)

    To have a complete application,

    (1) turn in the Permission Slips to C6.

    (2) Send the photo of your parents signing the permission to your class Instagram account or text them to one of the class officers. 

    (3) $25 to the finance office

    Visit here for the rule book & more information.

     Neet to contact your Class Student Body President?

    Freshman.                                    Sophomores: 

    President - Mekhi Stuart                President - David Martinez

    Vice President - Kylie Huang          Vice President - Adrian Li

    Contact info: (916) 605-9810.       Contact info: (916) 889-6011

     Instagram @mlhs2023.                Instagram @mlhs2022


    Juniors:                                     Seniors:  

    President - Dina Aljibori.             President - Josefine Meerjanssen 

    Vice President - Isabel Castillo.    Vice President - James Hu

    Contact info: (916) 715-8173.    Contact info: (916) 220-1241

     Instagram @mlhs2021.              Instagram @mlhs2020 

     Government Instagram with any questions, @miralomastudgov 


     Sports-a-Rama Events 

    Twirp- Feb. 7th (SAR Prelim)

    Theme: Matachella

    Time: 8-11 pm

    $10 with ASB $15 without ASB

    No guest passes 

    Tickets sold at the Finance

     Office. No tickets sold at the door. 


    MataFan Feb. 11th  (SAR Prelim-Attendance Based)

    White out, Wear white! 

    Senior Night Game, Girls and Boys 

    Girls: 5:30pm Boys: 7:00pm

    Pricing: Free with ASB, $5

     without ASB


    Skate Night March 5th  (SAR Preliminary Event- Attendance Based)

    Time: 6- 8 pm 

    Place: Foothill Skate Inn,

     4700 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95841 

    Price: TBD


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