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    Positive Behavior and Intervention Support (PBIS) is an evidence-based approach to behavior management, applied on a school-wide level, a classroom level, and an individual student level. It is not a curriculum; rather, it is a collaborative process that results in interventions designed for the unique needs of each school, classroom, and individual student.
    At a school-wide level, teams form to establish a framework of positive stated behavior expectations (i.e. school rules). They analyze data from office discipline referrals to identify problem areas, and they brainstorm interventions in how to teach and reinforce the behavior expectations. These interventions are primary prevention and are proven to reduce school behavior problems and promote a positive school culture (see Articles). School behavior teams also work to establish systematic strategies for at-risk students and use functional behavior assessments to develop individualized interventions for students who present the most significant behavior challenges. District-wide PBIS facilitators assist the teams in developing interventions at all three levels. 

    • PBIS builds on what a school already does
    • PBIS provides a framework for a school to develop their protocols
    • PBIS gets everyone on the same page, using the same language, having the same expectations
    • PBIS encourages rewards, positive incentives, and intrinsic motivation
    • PBIS is a proactive approach/system that uses data to guide decision making and interventions
    • PBIS focuses on instruction and emphasizes teaching behavioral expectations


    How to Get PBIS at Your School:
    See attachment below titled "How to Get PBIS at Your School". To learn more, contact our San Juan PBIS coordinator:

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    PBIS is embraced by Mental Health America                                                                     The NEA supports PBIS
           Mental Health America                                                                    National Education Association
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