• Counseling Office clerical hours are 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Counselor hours are the same as teacher hours which is the regular school day.  Unfortunately drop in's to see the counselors are not possible as counselors are seeing students during the school day.  If you would like to meet with your student's counselor, you must make an appointment in advance.  You can contact the Counseling Secretary to schedule an appointment, or you can email the counselor directly. The best way to reach the counselor is by email.  If you don't have email access, the counseling office telephone number is (916) 971-7436, fax number (916) 971-7385. 
    Counselor assignments are by student last name, alphabetical for all grade levels, and are as follows:  

        A- Gl         Carly Van Alfen 

       Go - N      Nelda Mackey

        O - Z         Bo Ahlgren          

      Special Programs    Shari Gauthier, Part-Time Counselor             

    Joy Ashwell, Counseling Secretary

    Ashley Owen, ICT 

    Erica Chino Meneses, College and Career Technician


    How do I see my counselor? 
    If a student would like to see their counselor they can come in before school, during lunch, or after school, and if the counselor is available they will see the student immediately.  If the counselor is not available or the student is unable to come in on their own time, they can make an appointment with the Counseling Secretary during the school day. Students are responsible for making up any missed classwork during this time.
    If the parent would like to see their student's counselor they must call or email to request an appointment.  Drop ins during the day are not possible as counselors are seeing students at that time. Please either email the counselor directly, or contact the Counseling Secretary to schedule an appointment.
    I/my student has a grade that I want to discuss, or is struggling in a class:  The very first action that needs to take place is for the student and or parent to contact the teacher directly.  Counselors do not know why a student has earned the grade they have or even the progress the student has made in the class, the teacher is the contact point.  If after having a discussion with the teacher there are still concerns, then you would contact the counselor. 
    Records Office: Sabrina Johnstone , Registrar - contact at (916) 971-7424
    • Transcript requests: Transcript Request Form
    • Enrollment once approved by San Juan Central
    • Withdrawal process
    • Graduation verification

    El Camino's high school code:  052710 (use this for registering for the SAT/ACT or any other source that requests your school's CEEB or ETS code)



Last Modified on September 17, 2019