Andrew Carnegie Strategic Plan Tactics

  • Tactic 1

    We will implement effective instructional strategies, incorporate common core standards, integrate technology, and use multiple measures of assessment to increase student achievement.
    • Implement CCSS, common multifaceted measures of assessment, and 21st century learning opportunities to increase student achievement.
    • Integrate technological tools and resources to support effective instruction and learning.

    Tactic 2

    We will model, teach, and celebrate positive character traits such as respect, responsibility, cooperation, honesty, courage, and caring.
    • Define and implement the OWN IT program to celebrate positive character on campus.
    • Establish consistent training and reinforcement of the Proactive Behavior Support Plan for all staff, students, and parents to ensure student safety and positive behaviors on campus.
    • Implement a homeroom curriculum that teachers positive character traits and the benefits of being an active citizen in the community.

    Tactic 3

    We will offer co-curricular and extra curricular opportunities that support our students' diverse interests.
    • Ensure a wide range of co-curricular and extra curricular activities are offered and publicized to inform and meet diverse interests of our students.
    • Develop and implement a process to establish new extra-curricular activities on campus to ensure all diverse interests are supported.

    Tactic 4

    We will actively engage families and the community as valued partners in the education process.
    • Establish an academic tutoring program with the neighboring high schools to support our students and provide community service hours for High School students.
    • Students and families with ELL needs will received direct interaction and personalized information from program specialists.
Last Modified on May 18, 2014