On-Line Approved Courses

  • Guidelines for accepted on-line courses:

    Approval of credit from On-Line Providers

    • Online course approval must be obtained prior to the beginning of the class
    • High school credit approved only for ‘Credit Recovery’, ‘Grade Improvement’, and/or ‘Accommodating an impacted schedule’
    • Only classes that effect graduation status or effect the grading of a ‘grade improvement’ SJUSD ‘a-g’ course (D or F grade only) will be placed on the student transcript.


    As part of the approval process the counselor/school administrator will review the following:

    1. The course requested to be taken is for make-up, grade improvement or to accommodate an impacted schedule and meets the pre-approved criteria.
    2. It is the first priority of the school district to accommodate students within the regular school day.  As part of the district’s online approval process, each student’s traditional school day schedule will be reviewed.  An online course may not be taken if it is determined by a counselor/school administrator that there is room in the student’s schedule to take the course in a traditional school day class.
    3. No more than a total of 10 credits are received during the school year or summer through co-enrollment courses (e.g. online, El Sereno Co-enrollment, Adult Education High School Credit Recovery, and Los Rios Advanced Education Courses).  In addition, a total of 10 credits may also be earned during the summer through summer courses.
    4. Once the course is completed it is the student/parent’s responsibility to request the online provider to mail an official transcript to the high school so the course can be added to the high school transcript.

    To receive counselor/administrator approval, students must complete the SJUSD Online Course Application form and submit it to the school counselor.

    Fees for online courses are billed and collected by the online provider and are the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

    National University Virtual High School

Last Modified on June 16, 2021