• It All Adds Up - Earn While You Spend

    Generate cash donations to Mira Loma HS and the individual Mira Loma High School organizations listed below. Each business has its own requirements to link your account to the Mira Loma organization you would like to support. There are no fees involved and all the sites have strong privacy policies. 

    Amazon - 

    • Amazon Associate account held by IBPO generates 4-6% donation back for purchases through the following portal.  Please share with all friends and relatives who are interested in supporting the quality of education offered by the IB program.

    • For any questions, please email Allan Biscocho for any questions at

     Amazon logo  
    • Raley's/Bel Air: 
    • Raley’s Extra Credit - IBPO receives 1.5% donation of your purchases if you designate Mira Loma IB Parent Organization.  Details HERE

    • SaveMart/Lucky/FoodMart/SmartFoods:
    • You can earn up to 10% on behalf of IBPO by shopping through your eScrip account in the eScrip account the eScrip Shopping Mall, 


    Electronic Scrip

    Remember paper scrip? Those days are gone. Now through companies like and you simply register one or more of your credit, debit and grocery loyalty cards you can shop online or in the community and earn dollars for Mira Loma with every purchase.

    Participating merchants contribute a percentage of each sale (between from 1–10%) to our school. There are hundreds on merchant in many categories, everything from The Sacramento Bee (10%), to over 40 supermarkets (3-5%) Office Max (2%), to Macy's (up to 6%), to Big O Tires (3%) and (5% plus 20% off the cost of the course). These are just a few of the participating retailers, check out the websites for more a complete list.

    Several Mira Loma accounts have already been set up. Below is a list of the accounts and their ID numbers. You can register your card(s) both with Schoolpop and Escrip.

    Booster Club ID # 51870992
    ISSPO ID # 155059049
    Mira Loma Track Club ID # 7230651

    Mira Loma High School ID # 0142974
    Mira Loma H.S ISSPO ID # 0629732

    Cash for College:

    After you've registered your credit, ATM, loyalty and Quality of Life cards as noted above click over to and register those cards one more time. While you're earning money for Mira Loma, earn money for college at the same time. Yes, double dipping is OK. Just like the electronic scrip sites you can earn while you spend, only this time you're putting money aside for college. Use your credit card(s) at any of the thousands of participating retailers and restaurants, present your grocery and drug store loyalty cards, shop online via the Upromise site, or take advantage of special programs offered by companies like Citi, MacDonald' s Coldwell Banker and others you earn cash. Upromise can also help you set up a 529 College Savings plan and deposit your rebates automatically.

    More information including lists of participating businesses can be found at the websites listed above. Registration is simple and fast and every dollar you earn helps.

Last Modified on August 5, 2020