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  • Introduction 

    On behalf of the Mira Loma International Baccalaureate Parents Organization, we welcome all new and returning families to the 2019-20 school year!  We are so pleased that your student is joining us at the finest college preparatory program in the Sacramento region. The tremendous success of the IB program at Mira Loma is due to our outstanding students, faculty, administrators and families.

    The mission of the International Baccalaureate Parents Organization is to actively assist and support faculty, students and families of the Mira Loma IB program, as well as the Mira Loma community at large. The IBPO provides essential financial support, communication, and volunteer resources to maintain the excellence of the IB Middle Years Program (grades 9 & 10), and the Diploma Program (grades 11 & 12).



    One of our key responsibilities is to provide timely and important IB and MYP information to you.  We communicate all IBPO, IB and MYP program information to you via email.  This information includes special events on campus, community service opportunities, program deadlines and fundraising events.  

    To ensure that you are always up  to date with IB information and important dates, please be sure to provide your email address online.

    These can be done online using this link or you may print the forms and bring them to our table at Schedule Pick-up or to any of our meetings.

    In addition, please be sure to read Mat Matters, Mira Loma’s digitally published monthly newsletter

    IBPO Parent Meetings 

    Open to all, these meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month in room F3 6:30 - 8:00PM. It’s a great opportunity to meet other parents and stay involved in our IB community. Your input is very important to us.



    How are we funded?
    Currently, 85% of our funds are tax-deductible donations from families like yours. All tax-deductible donations to the Mira Loma IBPO go to support the Mira Loma IB program.  Our goal is to receive a donation from every family. Every gift makes a difference. We appreciate that you have chosen to send your student to Mira Loma's IB program and anticipate that you will contribute time and money to ensure that our nationally recognized program remains strong. The IB program has many needs beyond those of the typical high school program. The State of California and the San Juan Unified School District do not fully fund Mira Loma's IB program.
    Public Education should be free, why am I being asked to donate to pay for programs and services?
    Yes – public education should be and is free. Unfortunately public financing alone can no longer provide the high quality education we expect in our community. California ranks among the lowest states in the nation for per pupil funding. While we understand that a public education is free, a superior, top quality education is not.  Each year we need to raise substantial funds to pay for significant IB Program costs not covered by the State of California or the San Juan Unified School District. We are successful because our families recognize that all good public school programs rely on voluntary parent financial contributions. Every gift makes a difference.

    How Can You Help?  Make a donation today!

    We ask you to make a voluntary tax-deductible contribution of at least $300 per student.  Some families will need to make a smaller donation and others will be able to make a larger donation. Every gift makes a difference. You may donate online via Paypal using the donation button below or mail your donation to:


    Mira Loma IB Parent Organization

    PO Box 1901

    Carmichael, CA 95609

    For your convenience we can accept recurring donations. For example: A donation of $30 per month over 10 months will equal a total donation of $300.  A donation of $250 per month for 4 months is a total donation of $1000.

    To make a secure recurring donation please click HERE 
    Giving Levels:
    Friend: $1-$249
    Bronze: $250-$499
    Silver: $500-$999 
    Gold: $1000 & above
    Matador: Bingo Fundraiser  (see below for details)

For secure online donations:

Select the amount you want to donate and click on the Donate button.
$300 $500 $1000 Any amount

"Thank you for your donation!"

For recurring online donations:

Enter your Donation Amount
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    Corporate Matching Gift Programs

    Check with your employer for matching funds. Kaiser, Intel, PG &E are among the many companies that offer matching gift programs. For more details please click HERE. Please note your donation will be equal to the total of your donation and the corporate match.

    Bingo fundraisers

    Each volunteer who commits to working 10 Monday nights can earn $300 for IBPO.  For more information please contact Pete Bramson at: miralomabingo@gmail.com



Last Modified on August 23, 2019