• Ceramics I 

    Instructor: Mrs. Keri Dunn

         This course is designed to teach students several methods of hand building pottery, wheel throwing, and surface treatments. Students will also learn about various sculptural techniques and have the opportunity to create sculptures in clay.

    You have elected one of the many courses offered in the Art department in which you are encouraged to express your creativity within the bounds of good craftsmanship and discipline. Respect for materials, each other, and yourselves are imperative to allow everyone the ability to work at their best and to allow adequate time for the instructor to meet with each student.

                                Fees and Donations

         Ceramic supplies are very expensive. The donation of $25.00 covers the cost of most clay and glazes. Students who donate $25 will receive their own bag of clay to use for the semester, and will be able to fire their five main projects. We have reclaimed clay anyone may use, but it may not be fired.

    If donating $25 is impossible, students may still fire their projects if they ask the counseling office for a fee waiver; that way we can request the funds from the PTA.


         The nature of this course, which depends almost entirely on studio hours, makes it

    important that you attend every day. Working with clay requires constant

    attention and care. Unfinished pieces left unattended dry, crack and get broken.

     Any work ruined (i.e. drying out to the point of being unworkable or cracking) as a result of unexcused absences may not earn full credit.


         The tardy policy is very strict, and all teachers must lock doors the first ten minutes of class. No students may be out of class the first or last twenty minutes.


    1. The kiln room, back room, and cupboards are off limits.

    2. Students are required to respect the work of others in all areas of the classroom. Here is the Golden Rule: If you didn’t make it, don’t touch it.    

    3. Space is very limited in the studio; therefore, don’t hold onto incomplete projects you don’t want.

    4. For the preservation of your own clothes and personal appearance, students are encouraged to bring a work smock (old button-up shirts work well) or apron.

    5. Ceramics deals with equipment, materials, and chemicals that are not safe without proper training, and a safety test will be required before handling clay.

                                Classroom Expectations

    Seating and Talking - Everyone is expected to be in his or her assigned seat while working. Everyone must return to his or her seat after clean up before the dismissal bell rings. Only a very low level of talking among students will be permitted, due to the acoustics in this room.

    Clean-Up – Part of your grade involves cooperation in maintaining an orderly and

    efficiently clean studio. Students will be assigned a weekly cleaning duty apart from the daily clean up. Daily cleaning includes all tools used, clay, tables, and floors around work areas. Clean up will begin ten minutes prior to dismissal.


    Food/Beverages are not allowed in the classroom. Eating in a ceramics room can be hazardous to your health, due to the chemicals we work with.

    No electronic items in class, including cell phones or headphones. In accordance with district policy, consequence will be Saturday School for first offence.


    -A rubric will be used for each assignment to insure understanding of the lesson learning objectives.

    -Participation/effort will be 25% of your grade.

    -All assignments will be accessible online.

    *Bring your supplies by Friday, January 9 for your first 25 points

    1 small spiral notebook

    2 one gallon-sized zip-lock bags

    1 plastic garbage bag (med/large)

    1 small plastic (yogurt-sized) container WITH LID

    2 found objects which when pressed into clay make

    interesting textures (lace, fake leaves, fabric/embroidery, rubber stamps)

    1 small hand lotion for yourself (optional)

    During the course of the year the class requires special items. If you have any of these things lying around at home and care to bring them in, we will all appreciate it!

    • Newspaper

    • Old button-up shirts (short sleeved, large)

    Kleenex to share with the class

    •  old towels

    ·      Paper towels

    ·      Plastic garbage bags for covering clay projects



    Please sign after you have read the syllabus. The return of this is 50 points.



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    Phone during school hours_____________________

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    P.s. Parents, if there is anything you would like to tell me about your student, please write it here:

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