ATTENDANCE: Daily attendance is critical to the educational process. Students must arrive on time (prior to the tardy bell). If your child is absent and does not clear that absence, it becomes a truancy.  If your child leaves campus without an early dismissal for whatever reason, that also is a truancy that cannot be cleared after the fact.  Truancies have no make up privileges.  Therefore, any work made up, due on, or given on those days will not be accepted.

    HOMEWORK: Homework is approximately 20% of your grade. Your child should expect to have homework several times a week.  All homework for the week is written on the board every Monday (students are expected to copy it Monday for the entire week). Please ask to see it on Monday nights. Late work is accepted within 5 school days for half credit. Homework is scored on a straight points earned grading system.

    STUDY GUIDES: Study Guides are provided and/ or expected for most chapters. Students are expected to answer the study guide questions while in class, and as a continuation of their homework. Study Guides are 10% of the overall grade. There will be approximately 2-3 study guides per week.

    GROUP PROJECT: There will be one group project that is to be completed outside of class, this is 10% of the overall grade; details will be given in class.

    STD PAMPHLET: There may be an STD pamphlet worth 5% of the overall grade as well.

    TESTS: Tests will be approximately 35% of the grade. In most cases you will be required to take the test the day you return. I do allow open note tests, but not open book. Students may only use their own notes, not another student’s notes. Photocopying the book is an unacceptable method of “note-taking”. This is to encourage students to complete the assignments and take good notes. Again, photocopying the textbook is unacceptable and is considered academic fraud. Tests may NOT be re-taken due to a poor grade. Take good notes and pay attention in class.

    PARTICIPATION POINTS: In health a good deal of communication/participation takes place.  Approximately 15% of a student’s grade will be based on active participation in discussions and their attentiveness/behavior towards their peers, myself, and the process itself. Participation means being verbally active with regards to the topic of the day. Participation points are lost when absent.

    Every day there will be a question topic or discussion topic on the board. This is our “bell work” and it is expected that this work be started when the bell rings.

    A variety of assignments, both written and participatory will be done in health.  If you are off task which includes, but not limited to, behaviors such as putting your head down, sleeping, being disruptive, or doing work for other classes, using electronic devices, you will not be given credit for that day’s work plus your citizenship and participatory grades will be affected. If you are required to leave the classroom for disciplinary reasons, all work for that day will be a “0”. Also, textbooks and workbooks are required to be with you in class each day. If you do not have it, you will not be allowed to share or use anyone else’s book.  You will receive a “0” on the assignment being done.  If you finish class work early you must use the extra time appropriately.

    BELL WORK: Bell work has no make up privileges. You must get this information the day it is on the board. The bell work is pertinent to that day’s discussion; so late bell work is not accepted. Bell work is 5% of the overall grade.

    CITIZENSHIP: Good citizenship includes responsible behavior, a positive attitude, participation in class, and good decision-making.  A citizenship grade works just like an academic grade - it can change from day to day depending on what is done or not done.  I expect students to behave respectfully at all times, follow all school rules, and be on time. Truancies will also be a factor in determining a citizenship grade.  If a student is sent out of the classroom for continued disruptive behavior/willful disobedience, any work that day will not be given credit. Other consequences will be detention, Saturday school, and/or suspension. The DCHS Citizenship Rubric in the Cougar Handbook will be utilized in addition to my rules in assessing students’ citizenship grades. Citizenship will be discussed thoroughly in class.




    *   Discrimination, harassment, and/or intolerance (racial, religious, sexual/sexual orientation, cultural, etc.) will not be tolerated.  An immediate referral to a VP will be given.

         *   Students must have a #2 pencil, blue/black ink pen, notebook, paper and textbook everyday.

         *   Bell work must be started as soon as the bell rings.

         *  Backpacks must be placed entirely under the your desk so isles are completely clear.

         *  3-ring Binder

         *  Permission will be given to put materials away at the end of the period.

         *  Cheating will result in a “0” for all involved and parents will be notified. 

         *  School-wide policies will be strictly enforced.

         *  Late assignments must be completed within 5 days for half credit.

         *  No eating or drinking of anything is allowed (it will be thrown away).

         *  No swearing or inappropriate language/behavior (if in doubt, don’t say/do it).           


    When you return from being absent you must immediately turn in all missed assignments.  Homework (if any) from the day/days you were absent must be given to me the day you return. In addition, any class work you have that was not collected the day it was done but might have been collected while you were absent, must be turned in also. It is your responsibility to ask about it and turn it in if it was collected.  Again, this must be done at the very beginning of class or your make-up privilege is lost and class work and homework will not be accepted.



    Academic fraud will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to: plagiarism, copying another students’ homework, worksheet, workbook, test, or any other assignment. Included in this list is allowing another student to copy any of your work and or test, and giving another student your notes for use on a test. Consequences include a “0” on the assignment, counselors will be notified, parents will be notified, Saturday school may be assigned; and the citizenship grade will be lowered by one letter. Each case will be dealt with on an individual basis.


    It is imperative that open communication exists between the student, teacher, and parent/guardian.  Please make note of my numbers/e-mail address and feel free to get in touch with me if you have any concerns or questions.  At school my voice mail number is 971-5360, extension 0522 and email is frith.gladdis@sanjuan.edu. My cell phone number is 916-402-0666. If I am not there, please leave a message including your phone number and how late I can return your call. Please do not call past 9:00 pm.

    Please sign (indicating understanding of grading policies and expectations), and return to teacher this week.


    “We have read and understand the responsibilities and requirements for Health”.

    _____________________________________________ (Parent signature)


    _____________________________________________ (Student signature)

Last Modified on August 12, 2015