• Strengthening Academic Skills

    This page presents ideas for both students and parents. These proven strategies do work!


    • Be organized - use binders and calendars
    • Prepare weekly agenda to include study, work and play time
    • Be prepared - establish study buddies/groups to summarize reading material and class lectures.
    • Preview and review subject matter on a regular basis.
    • Use supplemental aids - books on tape, computer, calculators, parents.
    • Take your time, work slowly and accurately to complete work.
    • Read comprehension questions before reading assignments.
    • Share what is happening at school with your family.
    • Begin working early on long term assignments.


    • Provide adequate sleep and nutrition to ensure full attention to school activities.
    • Initiate conversations about events that happen at school and your student's feelings about them.
    • Provide a set homework time and location but be flexible. Some students require frequent breaks.
    • Review work to see that it is completed. Try not to be critical!
    • Assist with organizing school materials.
    • Contact teachrs with compliments and concerns about your student's work and behavior.


    • Pre-read classroom materials before lesson is taught
    • Show a video of literature and discuss it before it is presented in class.
    • Read nightly with student. Relate material to their experiences and interests.
    • Encourage use of computer with appropriate reading programs.
    • Expose the student to books, newspapers, and magazines. Visit the library.
    • Daily activities - encourage the student to read with you: cooking directions, maps, grocery lists, TV Guide, etc.
    • Take turns reading with your student and read by paragraphs.


    • Provide appropriate writing supplies that can be erased, erasers that do not tear paper.
    • Provide a dictionary and thesaurus.
    • With teacher agreement have student dictate assigned stories to a partner (sibling, babysitter, etc.) Do not correct or reword and write "dictated" across the top.
    • Encourage use of grammar and spell check programs when work is written on the computer.
    • Have student share written work by reading completed work to you and by showing you tests and papers.
    • Avoid making value judgments regarding the students writing.
    • Dail activities - encourage student to write lists, notes, journals, diaries, trip logs, and stories. Have student work in fun activity books.

Last Modified on January 22, 2020