• Mental Health

    Educationally Related Mental Health Services

    What’s Required:

    Since AB3632 (26.5) was repealed in 2010, the responsibility to provide educationally related mental health services became the responsibility of individual school districts and the Department of Special Education. Mental health services are a related service as a provision of FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Education) and are now under the legal requirements of State and Federal Special Education Law.

    What it Means:

    The Department of Special Education at SJUSD has its own educationally related mental health team that consists of a licensed clinical psychologist, licensed and/or PPS credentialed clinical social workers, and licensed marriage and family therapists. Educationally related mental health is an IEP related service under special education law, and each therapist is a member of the IEP team. The mental health team conducts mental health assessments for identified students, and provides individual and/or group therapy to eligible students through our outpatient and day treatment programs. These services are provided during the school day and focus is on educationally related mental health needs.
    SJUSD Procedure:

    If a member of the IEP team or a parent suspects that a student is displaying mental health issues that are impeding his/her educational progress; please contact the assigned school psychologist to discuss concerns.

    1. The school psychologist will collaborate with the IEP team and discuss the following:

    • Would mental health services help the student benefit from his/her educational program?
    • Does the student have emotional or behavioral characteristics that:
                  o Impede his or her education
                  o Are of significant rate and intensity
                  o Are not attributed to social maladjustment
                  o Are not solely caused by temporary adjustment problems

    • Is the student functioning at a level that is sufficient for him/her to benefit from mental health services?
    • Does the student have an active BSP in place?
    • Has the school provided and documented 90 days of interventions?

    2. If it is determined that a referral to mental health services is appropriate, the school psychologist will complete the referral form and present the student’s information to the mental health team.

    3. If eligible for assessment, a therapist will be assigned to conduct an educationally related mental health assessment (within 60 days of the signed AP being received by the school official).

    4. Once the assessment is completed, an IEP meeting will be held to determine eligibility for mental health services.
    5. If eligibility for mental health services is determined, the IEP team will draft and add appropriate goal(s), discuss and add mental health services to the offer of FAPE, and write in any additional comments based on the student’s individual needs.
Last Modified on August 13, 2014