Resources for News Media

  • San Juan Unified recognizes the important role that news media play in helping to keep our community informed and engaged. News media are welcome on our school campuses. A few helpful tips for reporters to get the most of out of their visit: 
    • Reporters should arrange their visit with the Community Relations Office via e-mail or by calling (916) 979-8281.  
    • Upon arriving at a school, go directly to the school office and sign-in. This is a requirement of all visitors to our campuses. 
    • Avoid blocking the flow of both vehicle and foot traffic before and after school. If you would like to talk with families as they arrive or leave, please do so in an area off campus that will not impede the flow of traffic. 
    • During a lockdown or other emergency, access to campuses will be restricted for the safety of our students and staff. If these events continue for an extended duration, a district spokesperson will be on site to assist with media inquiries and provide updates as they become available.
    • For safety and personal reasons, some families may request that their student not be filmed or photographed. Please be sure to check with the school staff before filming any students.  


    We welcome members of the media to visit our website, SJ Scene e-newsletter, Facebook or Twitter pages frequently to learn more about the good work that goes on each and every day in our classrooms and community. 

Last Modified on November 5, 2019