Budget Services

  • The District's Budget Services department is charged with developing and maintaining a budget of more than $300 million in alignment with the Strategic Plan and all applicable laws and accounting practices.

    What is LCFF 

    In the biggest change to school finance since the 1970's, California began to fund its education system in 2013-14 under a new system known as the Local Control Funding Formula or LCFF. The new way of funding schools provides greater flexibility to local communities in how funding is spent and also redistributes resources to school districts with high concentrations of low income, English language learners and foster youth.

    How does LCFF impact San Juan Unified

    Funding under LCFF has increased compared with the recession years, however it has not restored school funding to pre-recession levels. Because San Juan Unified has lower concentrations of low income, English learners and foster youth we will receive less funding than some of our surrounding districts. 

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