Community Fliers

  • PLEASE READ: While schools are in the distance learning instruction, the district will not be approving or distributing any community fliers.

    San Juan Unified has instituted a revised process for those local community organizations, government agencies and approved supplemental educational services (SES) providers wishing to distribute materials to District students. 

    A full listing of requirements can be found here.

    Flier sponsors must submit a copy of the proposed flier and a flier distribution request form (found below). Community organizations must also submit verification of non-profit status. Within 15 business days, the sponsor will receive a written reply to their request indicating that the proposed flier either meets, or does not meet, established requirements.
    All requests will be placed on the San Juan Intranet with an indication if it has met all requirements. Schools will not distribute fliers that are not on the approved list. Any materials dropped off at school sites which do not appear on the approved list, or have been altered from their approved version, will be destroyed without notice. 
    Schools should distribute the Flier Policy to organizations requesting permission to send out fliers.

Flier / Information Distribution Request Form