• Dear Parents and Guardians, 

    We have enrolled our students in the International Studies (IS) program to enrich their high school education and prepare them for college. We need the help of parents, students, grandparents, and other volunteers to continue the success of the International Studies Student Parent Organization (ISSPO). The ISSPO supports the educational and service activities of our IS students through personal example, advocacy, fundraising and financial support. ISSPO helps fund books, materials, and field trips—costs which otherwise would be passed along to parents. Additionally, ISSPO offers yearly scholarships, sponsors a banquet for graduating seniors, and offers graduation regalia rental at a discounted cost.
    You, and International Studies Student and Parent Organization can have an important and positive impact on your child’s enjoyment of these years. 

    Some of the traditional events from now to the end of the year that we are working on:

    1. Award college scholarships to senior ISSPO members.
    2. Participating in fundraising events such as the snack bar at Sports-A-Rama.
    3. Hosting the senior banquet ceremony.
    4. Provide IS regalia to be worn at the graduation ceremony.
    5. Student Socials

    We need parent and student membership and assistance in any of the following ways:Meeting attendance.

    1. Annual membership dues: $10 Single student, $20 Family
    2. Work a Bingo shift for ISSPO on a Monday evening at the Sacramento Bingo Center at Watt and Arden. Click Here for additional Information
    Select the appropriate membership and click below.
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    Please complete the online parent volunteer form here or come to one of the upcoming meetings to offer support and creative suggestions to give our students the best high school experience at the best high school in Sacramento! 

Last Modified on August 5, 2016