Center-Based Early Head Start

  • All Center-Based Early Head Start locations operate from 7:30am to 3:30pm Monday-Friday.

    Who is a center-based eligible family?

    • Families with infants/toddlers under age 3
    • Teen parents given priority
    • Families who meet income/waiver eligibility requirements
    • Families with a need (working, in school, etc...)

    What does a center-based program offer a family?

    • FREE quality child care; children are nurtured as they learn
    • Nutritional meals for your child
    • Parent meetings
    • Child development education
    • Support from a nurse and School Community Worker (home visits, resource referrals, goal planning, etc.)
    • Mental Health services
    • Services to special needs children
    • Assistance with transition to preschool

    Center-based Early Head Start locations:

    Encina Infant Toddler Center-1400 Bell Street, Sacramento

    General Davie Toddler Center- 1500 Dom Way, Sacramento

    Fair Oaks Infant Toddler Center- 10700 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Fair Oaks

    Marvin Marshall Toddler Center- 5309 Kenneth Avenue, Carmichael

    San Juan Infant Toddler Center- 7551 Greenback Lane, Citrus Heights

    To register a child in the Center-Based Early Head Start program, please call: 979-8760 or visit the registration office
    on the Marvin Marshall campus at 5309 Kenneth Avenue in Carmichael.

    2018-19 Center Closed for Staff Training/Home Visits/Holidays:

    **Staff meetings and professional development days are held every 2nd & 4th Friday and sites will be closed. 

    August 13th-15th All Centers Closed for Home Visits

    September 14th all centers

    October 5th & 8th closed for 10 month classes only (Marvin Marshall/ General Davie)

    October 12th  all centers

    November 9th-12th & 19th-23rd all centers

    December 14th all centers

    December 24th- January 4th all centers

    January 21st all centers

    February 8th & 18th-22nd all centers

    March 8th all centers

    March 22nd closed for 10 month classes only (Marvin Marshall /General Davie)

    April 15th- 19th all centers

    May 10th & 27th all centers

    June 12th for all centers

    July 3rd-5th for 12 month centers only (Encina/Fair Oaks/San Juan)

    Marvin Marshall and General Davie are closed for the summer.
    Home Visits will be scheduled at these two sites during the summer months.
Last Modified on January 24, 2020