Home-Based Early Head Start

  • Who is a Home-based eligible family?

    • Pregnant women and families with infants and toddlers under age 3
    • Teen parents given priority
    • Families who meet income/waiver eligibility requirements
    • Families able to participate in weekly in-home visits

    What does a Home-based program offer a family?

    • Free quality visitations; parents and teachers partner to bring learning activities into the home
    • Socialization opportunities- a chance to get to know other families
    • Parent meetings
    • Child development education
    • Support from a nurse and School Community Worker (visits to newborn, resource referral, etc.)
    • Services to special needs children
    • Assistance with transition to preschool


    Home-based Early Head Start: To register for Home-based Early Head Start, please call a Home-based teacher directly at the numbers below. The offices are located at 10700 Fair Oaks Boulevard in Fair Oaks, and at 1500 Dom Way in Sacramento.



  • Dorothy Germany


    Jeri Jack (Spanish speaking)


    Sonia Martinez  (Spanish speaking)


    Lavaughnna Carter



    Anastassia Deliivanova (Russian & Bulgarian speaking)

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Last Modified on November 26, 2018