• August 2014
    Dear Parents/Guardians of Students in San Juan Unified School District:
    SJUSD continues to be a district in Program Improvement (PI) Year 3. At its March 2011 meeting, the California State Board of Education determined that as a Program Improvement District, San Juan Unified School District must take specific actions. Our mission as outlined in our District Strategic Plan focuses our work to ensure that all children will achieve to the highest levels:
    Valuing diversity and excellence, the San Juan Unified School District’s mission is to educate and inspire each student to succeed and responsibly contribute to a radically evolving world by providing innovative, rigorous, student-focused instruction and program in a safe, caring, and collaborative learning community.
    During the development of the District’s Strategic Plan, we focused our efforts on closing the achievement gap across the district and providing personalized education that meets the needs of each learner. Currently all schools are focused on improving academic achievement by ensuring that quality instruction is provided in every classroom. Administrators, Teachers and staff are analyzing data to strategically target the specific needs of each student. Professional Development is provided to continually impact instruction and curriculum. Elementary Schools are in progress of implementing a Balanced Literacy Framework that builds independence and stamina in developing readers and writers.

    We are focused and aligned in our efforts to:

    • Ensure that all students develop and apply 21st century skills (problem solving, critical and creative thinking, collaboration, and application of technology).
    • Reduce the number of students who are not performing at the proficient or advanced levels in English-language arts and math by 50%.
    Your support and involvement at your child’s school will only help to further advance the work and support high levels of achievement.
    The California Department of Education (CDE) annually reviews the student academic performance in English-language arts (ELA) and mathematics of each District that receives funds under Title I. A District is identified as PI if it does not meet yearly student performance goals, known as Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), for two consecutive years. 
    The California State Board of Education (SBE) is also required to determine a corrective action for each PI Year 3 District. Corrective action is the name given to the steps a District must take to address any instructional, managerial, and/or organizational problems in the District that prevents students achieving proficiency in the core academic subjects of ELA and mathematics.
    At its March 2011 meeting, the SBE determined that San Juan Unified School District must take the following actions:
    • Institute and fully implement an SBE-adopted/standards-aligned curriculum in ELA and mathematics.
    • Contract for technical assistance to receive support in improving student performance.
    • Revise the District Plan to document steps to fully implement actions.
    • By focusing efforts on the actions outlined in the District Plan the work will continue to strengthen strategies and actions that are currently being implemented to provide a quality education to all students.

    How can parents help the Local Educational Agency (LEA) improve?

    Here are some suggestions to help you work with us to support improvements:
    • Learn more about the ESEA/NCLB requirements and become aware of strategies to improve student academic achievement. Additional information and resources are available at:
    • Talk with District staff about the Plan and the revisions that must be made to help students meet the state standards in ELA and mathematics.
    • Visit your child’s school. You also may participate in voluntary activities to assist your school or District.
    • If you are a parent of a student who attends a Title I PI school, ask about school choice options to transfer your child, with paid transportation, to a public school in your District that is not identified as a PI school.
    • If you are a parent of a student who attends a Title I school that has been in PI for two years or more, ask about supplemental educational services, or free tutoring, that may be available for your child.
    For further information about any of these requirements, please contact Ramona Nelson at (916) 971-7202.
Last Modified on June 29, 2015