• These are our leaders that support the teaching and learning of the students and teachers for the district. They provide training, planning, and guiding, of curriculum, policy, and best practices.

    • Classroom Music Teachers (CMT)


    Our CMT staff specializes in providing classroom music training for our K-8 Students. Please read the documents below to better understand the training and curricular requirements for this position and the vision for providing comprehensive music education for the San Juan students.

    Visual and Performing Arts Standards (Draft) (soon to be adopted by CA)




    • Traveling Elementary Classroom Art Teachers:  TECATs


    This is an amazing team of professional art educators that see hundreds of students per week and teach creativity every day. They are constantly entering student work in contests and displaying their work in public places. 

    • VAPA Program Specialist
    In the San Juan Unified School District, we are fortunate that our School Board, Superintendent, and District Administrators believe in a student centered education, where creativity and artful expression are valued.  Our creed is "San Juan: Where Creativity Goes to School". To support this philosophy, we have a full-time Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Program Specialist.  Laurel Lyda supports more than 120 full-time arts educators, and thousands of students who are developing 21st century skills through teamwork, discipline, presentation, performance, the pursuit of excellence, and imagination.
    Laurel Lyda, VAPA Program Specialist.

    •  Lead Teachers
                           7-12 Band
    Cindy Teresi - Elementary Band and Choir
    Deni Scofield - 7-12 Theater  
    Debbie Smith - K-8 Visual Art  
    Sarah Brown- K-8 Music 
    Michael Dittmer - 7-12 Visual Arts  
    Janet Matranga - 7-12 Choir 

    The goals of our Lead VAPA teachers are communication and support. They act as liaisons and organizers for all our VAPA projects. The work coordinates teachers, administration, community organizations, event planning, professional development, applicant screening, curriculum development, district equipment coordination, promoting arts learning and assessment, personnel issues, district art galleries, and school and county arts education. 


Last Modified on November 20, 2020