Dental Plans

  • Dental plan options available to you are:
    • Delta Dental Premier/Delta PPO Plan - If you elect dependent coverage with the Delta Dental Premier/PPO plan, you must contribute towards the monthly premium.
    • DeltaCare USA plan. DeltaCare USA is a dental HMO plan where your care is directed by a DeltaCare panel dentist. 
    You can access your personal benefits profile on the Delta Dental website (listed below).
    Don't forget to delete your dependents who have reached age 24. They are no longer eligible and you do not want to pay unnecessary premiums!

    Delta Dental enrollees can get their dental benefits statements online!

    Enrollees in Delta Dental PPOSM and Delta Dental Premier® plans can now enjoy the convenience of accessing their dental benefits statements online anytime at For more information see Delta Dental Online Benefits.

    What Does The DeltaPreferred Option Mean To You?

    All dentists participating in the Delta network are Premier dentists. However if you utilize a dentist that participates in the PPO plan, you will receive the highest level of benefits with the lowest out-of-pocket expense. PPO dentists agree to provide service at discounted fees pre-negotiated by Delta, which means that your share of the bill will likely be lower. Your benefits are not reduced in any way. As an added incentive to utilize a Delta PPO dentist, the district has increased the calendar year maximum by $100, to $1600. If you do not go to a PPO dentist, your coverage will remain the same and your calendar year maximum will remain at $1500.
    To utilize the PPO option, there is no notification required and you do not have to fill out any new forms. If you receive treatment from a Delta PPO dentist, your claim will be automatically paid according to the PPO contract and your calendar year maximum will be adjusted.
    How do you know if your dentist is a PPO dentist? Visit Delta's web site or call Delta's toll free customer service at 866-499-3001.

Dental Plan Contacts

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    (866) 499-3001 (Customer Service)



    (800) 422-4234 
Last Modified on November 6, 2019