Other Benefits

  • You can also take advantage of other voluntary benefits through payroll deduction. Examples would be income protection plans, accident insurance, savings plans and loans through Schools Financial Credit Union, etc.  To cancel a Schools First Financial Credit Union payroll deduction, please complete a voluntary cancellation form and email the complete form to the benefitshelpdesk@sanjuan.edu
    For Teachers, CTA has partnered with The Standard to provide a variety of income protection plans. To cancel a CTA Standard income protection plan payroll deduction, please call CTA Standard Customer Service at 800-522-0406.
    American Fidelity Assurance Company offers a wide selection of supplemental benefit insurance plans and services.  To cancel an American Fidelity Insurance product, you need to contact American Fidelity at (800) 365-8306 to request a cancellation form.
Last Modified on July 8, 2022