• School rules protect the rights of all students and promote a safe learning environment. Students must be free to learn and teachers must be free to teach. Students are accountable for their behavior during school and school activities, as well as on their way to and from school and school activities and while on the school grounds at any time.

    Students may be required to meet academic or citizenship standards in order to participate in extracurricular activities.

    Student Expectations

    Students are expected to:

    • Follow school rules
    • Follow the directions of teachers and school authorities
    • Show respect for the teacher and for other students in the classroom
    • Come to class prepared to work
    • Stay on task for the class period
    • Comply with the classroom rules as described by each teacher
    • Wear a helmet when riding a bicycle

    List of Don'ts

    In general, students may not:

    • Have any weapon or dangerous object
    • have, sell or share drugs or drug paraphernalia, tobacco, alcohol or other controlled or dangerous substances or intoxicants
    • Fight, harm, threaten, harass, or intimidate anyone
    • Damage or take property of others
    • Act in a way or wear or carry any item that is obscene, profane, unsanitary, offensive, degrades others or promotes violation of laws or school rules
    • Defy school authorities
    • Leave campus without permission
    • Cheat or falsify documents
    • Disrupt a class or school activity
    • Participate in any gambling activity
    • Carry pagers, headsets, or other electronic communication devices disruptive to school activity
    • Skip school or be late to class


    To ensure the health, safety and welfare of students, school authorities and law enforcement officers may conduct searches as allowed by law. School lockers may be searched at any time. In addition, district Safe Schools officers (Sheriff's deputies) may use trained dogs to indicate the presence of drugs in lockers, vehicles, backpacks, and other locations.

Last Modified on December 20, 2019