Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC), an expansion of Coordinated School Health

  • The San Juan Unified School District Coordinated School Health Council (CSHC) began in 2006. In spring of 2017, the CSHC became the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Council. The goal is to enable San Juan Unified School District students to become healthy, successful students at school and contributing members in their communities. This approach features an expansion on the eight interrelated components of the CSHC: health education; physical education; school health services; school nutrition services; school counseling, psychological, and social services; a healthy school environment; school-site promotion of health for staff by adding family engagement and community involvement. The WSCC puts the child at the center of the model, emphasizing the interdependent relationship between learning and health with a greater integration, alignment and collaboration between health and education with the goal of maximizing each child's cognitive, physical, social and emotional wellbeing.

    For a more detailed explanation, refer to CDC on the WSCC model.

    The WSCC may consist of District staff, community representatives, students, and parents. The Council revamped the District Wellness Policy BP5030 in 2017 in response to federal and state regulations. The WSCC continues to meet to share information about student health and resources.

    Membership is open to students, parents, staff, and community members. Specifically, the Council is seeking elementary, middle, and high school principals, physical education teachers, students, and parents to join the WSCC. If you are interested, please contact Gaylon Johnson via email or 979-8611.


  • Gaylon Johnson, Supervisor, Preventions Program, Chair

    Dominic Covello, Director Student Support Services, Co-Chair

    Paula Villescaz, SJUSD Board Member


    Dayle Cantrall, Program Manager, Special Education, Planning Team

    Lisa Hashisaka, Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Services, Planning Team


    Monique Stovall, Director, Nutrition Services, Planning Team


    Dan Allison, Safety Specialist, Safe Schools


    Bonita Aytch, Coordinator, Family Engagement


    Ardath Ferris, School Community Worker, McKinney-Vento


    Terry Gerber, Mental Health Therapist, Special Education


    Brian Goetsch, Psychologist, Psychological Services


    Ian Goodman, Psychologist, Psychological Services


    Naomi Harper, Teacher, Will Rogers Middle School


    Reverend Earl Heverly, Pastor, Cornerstone Community Church


    Teri Hofstetter, Administrative Assistant, Nutrition Services


    Robin Hoppe, ECE Lead Teacher, Early Childhood Education


    Stephanie Landrum, Kaiser Permanente 


    Evelyn Margolin, Teacher, Cameron Ranch Elementary


    Gina Mertz, Coordinating Mental Health Therapist, White House Counseling 


    Audrey Edwards, School Nurse, Learning Support Center
    Sam Zarek, Community Member
    Theodora Wilner, Wellness Advisor and Certified Health Coach


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  • 2018-2019

    Meeting at 4640 Orange Grove Avenue, G-3; Sacramento 95841.  Plenty of parking in the back near the meeting room.

    September 27, 2018
    February 7, 2019
    May 2, 2019
Last Modified on September 22, 2020