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    Enter a home address in the San Juan Unified School District into the Street Directory Search Engine for the school year you are interested in seeing:


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    The search engine will determine the neighborhood elementary, middle, and high schools. Students have first priority for enrollment at their neighborhood school. The search engine result does not guarantee enrollment at the schools indicated.

    An alternative method of indicating the neighborhood elementary, middle, and high schools for home addresses in the San Juan Unified School District is to reference the file listed below (PDF Street Directory). Students have first priority for enrollment at their neighborhood school. The listing does not guarantee enrollment at the schools indicated.
    PDF Street Directory for 2013-2014


    For school registration information or to enroll a student, call San Juan Central Enrollment at (916) 726-5826. If you have additional questions about attendance boundaries call (916) 971-5740. Attendance boundary maps are posted for viewing at the District Office, located at 3738 Walnut Avenue in Carmichael. Maps of elementary schoolsmiddle schools, and  high schools boundaries are also available.

    Background on SJUSD Boundaries:

    SJUSD has changed school boundaries on occasion as student population has declined and schools have been closed or consolidated as a result.

    Boundaries are also subject to change as we work to align feeder patterns and improve articulation throughout the district.

    When adjusting boundaries following guiding principles are used:

    • To establish student enrollments appropriate to each school’s capacity and program(s).
    • To strive for a balanced enrollment among our schools over time.
    • To consider boundary changes as student housing needs change, and/or as growth or decline occurs within an attendance area and analyze the impact which may result from these change(s).
    • To consider the rate of development activity and student population shifts occurring within existing and proposed attendance area boundaries.
    • To consider distances and school or public transportation routes for new schools.
    • To acknowledge that boundaries in SJUSD have and will continue to be fluid and change over time.

    In the past five years the following boundaries have been adjusted:

    • High School boundaries will take effect in the 2012/2013 school year.
    • Citrus Heights Elementary was closed and students in that boundary now attend Carriage ES


    Open Enrollment and Transfer Requests:

    Open enrollment is a separate process from SJUSD’s boundary conversations. Per California Education Code Section 35160.5(b) as a condition of receiving State Apportionment, school districts are required to provide open enrollment at schools that have capacity. To learn more about SJUSD open enrollment policy, click here.  For questions regarding open enrollment please contact San Juan Central Enrollment staff at (916) 726-5826.

    40% Rule Maps and Information:

    The 40% Rule was approved by the Board of Education (BP 5116.3) to provide students who live near non-boundaried schools an increased priority in enrollment.

    The non-boundaried schools in the San Juan Unified School District are:
    El Camino High School (9-12)
    Arcade Middle School (6-8)
    Orangevale K-8 School
    Cambridge Heights Elementary (K-5)
    James Cowan Elementary (K-6)
    Harry Dewey Elementary (K-6)
    Green Oaks Elementary (K-6)
    Mission Avenue Elementary (K-6)

    For more information on the 40% rule, and to see maps of the 40% areas for all non-boundaried schools, please click here.

    Boundary Information:

    To submit a question regarding the boundaries call the SJUSD facilities staff at (916) 971-5740.

Last Modified on October 22, 2020