• Attitude is Everything!

    'To be an artist, you must have the spirit of a gypsy and the discipline of a soldier!' --Ludwig Von Beethoven


    With a long standing reputation for excellence in music education and performance, as well as camaraderie, spirit and enthusiasm, I am pleased you have chosen to be a part of the El Camino music family. As a member of the Eagle Bands, you are about to participate the most active and popular groups on our campus. 


    As the band teacher, my goal is: To provide creative, enjoyable, and educational experiences for my students.  I will work hard on the behalf of every student in the music department and will expect a high level of commitment and achievement in return. It is only with great pride and commitment that we maintain our reputation as an outstanding music organization and work towards the best quality band possible. 


    Our philosophy in and outside the music building is:

                         Attitude is Everything! 
    This means that anywhere we go, every time we perform, and whenever anyone sees and hears the El Camino Band, they will remember us as a superior musical organization with outstanding students who leave a positive impression on those whom they come into contact. In turn, every student in the music department is important and plays a vital role, no matter what group they are in, where they sit in their section or what part they play.


    I look forward to an exciting year of creating music and the opportunity to get to know and work with each of you. 


    Kevin Glaser



    Eagle Band Program
Last Modified on July 8, 2015