• Parent Volunteer Art Program (formerly the Art Docent Program)


    What is the Parent Volunteer Art Program?

    A sequential, interactive art education program essential to all students. Developed in 1984 by art educator and author Barbara Herberholz, this affordable, high-interest enrichment program introduces children to art and our artistic heritage. Art docents make monthly presentations based on an easy-to-follow guide. There are eight presentations per grade level based on themes such as Portraits, Birds, Dancers, Line or Color.


    What is an Art Guide?

    A volunteer who conducts groups of people on tours in an art museum. In the Parent Volunteer Art Program, parents and teachers present portfolios of works of art to elementary classrooms and conduct discussions that open the children’s eyes to the wonderful world of art.  No prior art background is needed to become a docent. Training is available.


    What does an Art Guide do?

    Art guides visit their child's classroom once a month to make a Portfolio Presentation, which lasts between 20-30 minutes for Kindergarten and Grade 1, increasing up to 60 minutes for the upper grades.

    A Guide’s Portfolio Presentation focuses on questions and comments, games, and other activities that help children:

    • describe what they see in artworks
    • analyze how the artists used color, shape, and line in making compositions
    • interpret the moods, feelings and emotions expressed by the artists
    • learn biographical and historical information about artists, their styles, media, and purposes in creating art


    How can I become an Art Guide?

    If you’re interested in and enthusiastic about art and if you like talking with children, then you should contact the Head Art Guide or the school office to volunteer. You will receive a manual with the lessons for your grade level. Then schedule a once-a-month visit with the classroom teacher to teach the art lesson.


Last Modified on August 24, 2015