• Strategic Parameters:

    • We will always operate a school which is physically and emotionally safe with environments conducive to learning.
    • School and program plans will always be aligned with the Strategic  Plan of the district.
    • We will not tolerate behavior or language which demeans the dignity or worth of any individual or group.
    • No program or service will be retained unless it makes an optional contribution to the mission and benefits continue to justify the costs.
    • We will not tolerate ineffective performance by any staff member.
    • As we focus on improving English-language arts and math, we do so within a balanced curriculum.
    • No new program or service will be accepted unless:
      • It is consistent with the Strategic Plan,
      • Its benefits clearly justify the costs,
      • Provisions are made for professional development, program evaluation and communication with constituents.
Last Modified on June 8, 2014