• Tactic 1~Curriculum

    We will implement effective and innovative instructional strategies and assessments, tied to the Common Core Standards, that will integrate technology, the arts, and enrichment opportunities to engage and increase achievement.

    • Implement literacy practices and varied and authentic assessment measures within and across content areas as the foundation for teaching and learning based on the Common Core State Standards.
    • Implement evidence-based instructional practices that differentiate and personalize authentic learning choices and opportunities for all students.
    • Ensure collaboration and integration of visual and performing arts in curriculum and instruction to enrich student learning.
    • Integrate appropriate technological tools and resources to support frequent and regular access and effective instruction and learning.
    • Ensure student access to extra-curricular activities and enrichment opportunities both during and after the school day.

    Tactic 2 ~ Character Education

    We will implement a character education system that develops individual responsibility, global thinkers, and empathetic citizens.

    • Implement a character education program that promotes individual ownership and responsibility for all members of the school.
    • Increase opportunities for all students to be involved in school activities that help students connect with school.
    • Increase student-initiated opportunities, in a phase-in model, for all students to be involved in activities that impact the community both locally and globally.


    Tactic 3~Community Involvement

    We will actively engage our families and community members as valued and collaborative partners in the educational process.

    • Implement an effective two-way communication system that is transparent and timely to support a collaborative learning community.
    • Implement a parent-training program to increase parent participation in and out of the classroom to support student achievement in and around the Common Core State Standards.
    • Increase the opportunities for LeGette and our community to work together to support student learning and growth.

Last Modified on August 5, 2015