• Tactic 1

    We will utilize effective, innovative instructional strategies, data analysis, and technology to increase student achievement.
    • Implement comprehensive, balanced curricula to include: Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies, beginning with Literacy.
    • Implement best practices of Project Based Learning to increase student achievement.
    • Implement a professional development plan that supports teachers’ technological proficiency.
    • Utilize data analysis to inform best instructional practices.

    Tactic 2

    We will celebrate and foster all aspects of our richly diverse community.
    • Provide multiple opportunities for a variety of culturally enriching experiences.
    • Utilize web pages and newsletters to provide resources and information regarding cultural diversity and disabilities to all members of the Skycrest community.
    • Increase student, parent, and staff awareness of various disabilities and how these disabilities influence our school community. 

    Tactic 3

    We will model and promote positive character traits.
    • Provide opportunities for each student to develop and demonstrate Skycrest character traits.
    • Implement a specific character education curriculum in every classroom to teach monthly character traits with support from the counselor.
    • Implement a unified school-wide character education program.
    • Implement grade level appropriate service projects within the school or community that reflect our identified character traits.

    Tactic 4

    We will actively engage families and the community as valued partners in the education process.
    • Create a Parent Resource Center (PRC) to establish systems for two-way communication and feedback.
    • Implement a trained group of classroom volunteers that will be trained, regularly scheduled, and acknowledged in support of student learning.
    • Expand Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) to ensure sufficient resources and creatively make effective use of fundraising, coordination of school activities, provide room parents, and strengthen home/school communication.
    •  Cultivate opportunities for community partnership, both financial and hands-on engagement, to make Skycrest an integral part of the community.

    Tactic 5

    We will actively promote Skycrest as a school of academic excellence, positive character traits, and diversity.
    • Improve information provided about Skycrest Elementary to the local and global community.
    • Provide opportunities for students to promote Skycrest Elementary as a diverse and caring community.
    • Expand Skycrest Elementary’s image in the local community by increasing school-business relationships.

    Skycrest's Full Strategic Plan

Last Modified on June 2, 2014