• Hello!
    Welcome to Encina.
    I am very glad to be here.   It is my goal to help you become the best student that you can be. 
    On top of that, I will also be working very hard to help prepare you for your adult life with the social and educational skills that will help you become a successful happy adult.
    This is my 6th year teaching.  I have a BS in Physics, Minor in Math and a Masters in cross-cultural education.
    In my travels through life I would say that I had some rather hard times.  I was homeless until 8, in foster care for 2 years, and adopted by adults that were forced to take me to have my sister( we came as a package).  So when I say I understand where you are coming from, I hope you understand that I really do.  Since becoming an adult, I have faced other challenges as we all do.  Each challenge has made me wiser and stronger.  
    I was not a straight A student.  I struggled with ADD and a non- specified learning disability.  As I grew older, I learned techniques that helped manage my challenges and it is those skills that I will share with my students.    Not only were the skills that I learned helpful for my issues but they are skill that anyone can benefit from.
    I have two saying:
    1. If i can do it, so can you!
    2. I can lead you to knowledge, I can put the knowledge right in front of you, I can slather you with knowledge, but I can't make you take it in.  You have to want it!
    I will do everything I can to help you see the importance of at least a high school diploma.  Many employers won't even look at your application with out it.  My own mother, had me at 15 and was not able to get her diploma.  But... at 50 she got her GED.   It haunted her for years that she did not have it and it will haunt you as well.
    That diploma is a certificate of achievement to all who see it which says... I am reliable, hardworking, I don't give up easily and will keep trying until I get it right.  These are all traits that employers what in their employees.
    I look forward to learning more about you and helping you achieve your goals in life.
    Ms Clark
Last Modified on September 19, 2014