• Strengthening Reading Comprehension


    Schweitzer staff spent nearly four years learning to help deepend student understanding of both fiction and non-fiction texts through something called Critical Literacy.

    This work was assisted by Just Think Literacy. Grade level leaders met five times throughout the year with their cohort and a Just Think Literacy consultant.  Grade level leaders used student writing and videos of student discussion to identify trends in the sophistication of students' interpretations of literature and non-fiction texts.  Goals for student outcomes and teaching moves were developed in conjunction with a focus on the specific feedback required to lift the students' levels of sophistication in their interpretation of text.  

    A testimonial from a teacher in Alameda County:

    [Just Think Literacy] has helped me to understand that learning is more than a set of skills, but a process that is continuously evolving. Throughout our conversations, my students (and I) struggle with meaning, redefine our ideas, and elevate our expectations. This has helped to create a fluid learning environment full of questions and discussions around answers. Overall, I believe we’re teaching them how to think about their learning, not just how to react to what is given to them.
Last Modified on January 27, 2020