• Traffic Safety During Drop Off/Pick Up

    Please instruct your child/children about traffic safety rules as it relates to walking in traffic and riding bicycles to or from school. Also, we would like to request that you try to follow Mariemont's suggested "one-way" traffic patterns in front of and behind the school. In front, this means entering Las Pasas and exiting Berrendo. At the back, you will enter Berrendo and exit Las Pasas. While not official, it makes for a smoother flow of traffic at start and end times. Please pull forward whenever possible and keep the car lines moving.
    Please demonstrate your courtesy and respect for other parents, school personnel, and for the children who ride bicycles or walk. You are role models for your children and for others. It is safer to drop off or pick up children in a way that does not require them to cross the street amid the busy traffic. We also request that you drive slowly. Speeding drivers have injured or hurt pets in the neighborhood. We must protect our children by being aware of how fast we are driving.
    We also request that you demonstrate courtesy and respect to our surrounding neighbors.  Do not park on the side of the street marked as NO Parking or by a red-painted curb.  You may receive a ticket. Parking is very limited around the campus. Please remember not to block or park in driveways. When waiting in car lines, please be respectful of Mariemont neighbors.
    CARS vs. KIDS
    The Car vs. Children's situations before and after school continue to be an "accident waiting to happen". Please be vigilant of your surroundings.
    Although we cannot legally change traffic to a one-way street, we find that drop off and pick up works best with all traffic moving one way.
    NO PARKING PLEASE in the Pick-up/Drop-off Areas
    All students are to be dropped off and picked up within the designated areas. No students will be allowed to walk to the street/curb area to enter a car.
    Click on this link to get a map of the school and direction of traffic flow: Mariemont Parking Lot Traffic Flow Map
Last Modified on July 30, 2022