Site Council Agendas, Minutes and Schedule

  • What is the School Site Plan?
    • Important elements of the School Site Plan include: 
    • Information about Oakview's vision, community description, and coordination of services 
    • Assessment of the school's current educational practice and staffing 
    • An analysis of student performance as provided by API reports, STAR data, student grades, and assessment of student work 
    • Description of our school's goals for improvement and the activities targeted to reach these goals 
    • Budget information on how Oakview is spending its SIP dollars 
    If you would like to see the School Site Plan, a reference copy is available in the school office or you can visit our website.

    How does Oakview spend its SIP funds?
    This year's budget will support the four goals of the School Site Plan.: Academic Achievement, Collaborative Culture, Professional Development and School Climate. For more information about the School Site Plan, visit our website.

    When and where does SSC meet?
    This year, the SSC meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month in the staff room at 3:30 PM. The agenda for the next upcoming meeting is posted in the office (and on-line) 72-hours prior to the meeting.

    How can I participate in SSC?
    • All SSC meetings are open to the public. 
    • Join the SSC! Elections for parent representatives are held in the fall or spring as needed. Parents serve a two-year term and terms are staggered in order to have experienced members on the council at all times. If you have questions or are interested in serving on the School Site Council, please contact the principal. 
Last Modified on May 26, 2014