Freshman Year

    • Work with your counselor to create a 4-year plan.

    • Check the Coursework requirements for NCAA athletes to ensure minimum eligibility (BV school code is 050912).

    • Work on your grades!

    • Know the NCAA rules, regulation and academic requirements for playing sports.

    • Attend sports camps.


    Sophomore Year

    • Review your transcript and make any necessary adjustments to your 4-year plan.

    • Create a list of colleges in Naviance that you are interested in.

    • Take the PSAT.

    • Look at the rosters and results on those colleges' websites for the sport you are interested in - how do you compare athletically?

    • Keep up your grades!

    • Google "Freshman Profile" for each college - how do you compare academically?

    • Attend sports camps.


    Junior Year

    • Prepare for the SAT or ACT using PrepMe in your Naviance account.

    • Take the SAT or ACT in the spring. Be sure to send your scores to the NCAA (code 9999) and/or NAIA (code 9876) along with individual colleges.

    • Keep up your grades!

    • Compare your test scores with your GPA for minimum eligibility using the NCAA's Sliding Scale

    • Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center and/or NAIA Eligibility Center at the end of the year.

    • Contact coaches via school websites.

    • Attend sports camps.


    Senior Year

    • Retake the SAT or ACT as necessary.

    • Keep up your grades!

    • Be mindful of college application deadlines.

    • Follow recruiting rules regarding campus visits.

    • Sit down with coaches and parents to work out pros and cons.

    • Be very sure of your choice before signing any papers!!!!!

    • Make copies of all forms.

    • Request from the school registrar that your transcript be sent to the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Last Modified on February 23, 2020