Start Filling out College Apps



    Keep Track of College Application Deadlines


    The deadlines for UC and CSU applications is November 30; private and out-of-state college due dates vary. The application process for community colleges generally starts in the spring. The UC website for online applications is and for CSUs   UCs require one application for all of the campuses to which you apply, but there is a fee for each campus. Each CSU campus requires a separate application and application fee. Students who think they may qualify for fee waivers should check the websites. Both UCs and CSUs prefer that you apply online. Here are a few suggestions to help guide you through the process:

    • ·         You will need to use your transcript to complete the application.

    • ·         Make a copy of the application to use as a working draft.

    • ·         Read the entire application before you begin.

    • ·         Proofread the final copy carefully.

    • ·         Be honest in completing the application. Many universities verify information you supply (such as club memberships, sports participation, etc...).

    • ·         Make a copy of the completed application and essay for your records.

    • ·         Apply well before the deadline to avoid a ‘busy’ website.

    • ·         Include the application fee for each campus.


    Follow all directions for college application essays. Allow yourself ample time to write, rewrite, and edit. Write the essay in ‘Word’ and cut and paste it into the UC application. Have others, including your English teacher, read your essay.

    Keep copies of everything!


    Fill Out the FAFSA (Federal Application for Student Aid)


    Don’t forget to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the deadline. Generally the FAFSA application opens in November.  The sooner you apply the sooner you will know what the amount of money available.  Check the FAFSA website for federal, state and college deadlines:   .

    Keep copies of everything!




    If you need an unofficial copy of your transcript to send with applications to private or out-of-state schools, you can send a copy of your transcript from the end of your junior year or you can get official or unofficial copies from the Registrar’s Office.  Allow 48 hours for your request.


    Allow at least two weeks to obtain required letters of recommendation from counselors or teachers. It is always best to choose those who know you personally. Provide them with complete student information (resume) and a stamped, addressed, business-size envelope. Be sure to inform them of the deadline for the letter.


    Continue to Apply for Scholarships

    Grades are not the only basis for scholarships. Many scholarships are based on career goals, ethnicity, hobbies, or community service. The CCC scholarship database includes many local scholarships that are not available on the national scholarship websites. The Center is staffed by volunteers at lunchtime. You may, however, visit the CCC on your own whenever the library is open. More information on scholarships and financial aid can be found on the CCC website.


    Keep up your grades. Colleges request your final semester’s transcript to verify that you have continued with the classes you signed up for in the fall and also to verify that you have maintained your grades.


    Community College


    Community colleges provide career-training programs in over 60 fields. They offer certificate programs in occupations as varied as accounting, automotive mechanics, early childhood education, dental assisting, cosmetology, culinary arts, and more. Many of these certificate programs may be completed in less than two years at a cost greatly lower that the tuition fees charged by private career and technical schools. The application process starts in the spring. All five of our nearby community colleges have transfer articulation agreements with some of the UC and CSU campuses. If you plan on transferring to a 4 year college, work with a counselor at your community college to ensure that the classes you sign up for are transferable. You can check out the website here for information on articulation agreements throughout California. Applications for our local ommunity colleges open in February.


    Vocational/Technical Schools and the Military

    Remember that the CCC has information on vocational and technical training, specialty schools, the US Armed Forces and more. We also have career guides if you need help determining which career to pursue. Don’t wait until after you graduate to start your search.   Student wishing to become members of the Armed Forces will need to take the ASVAB.  The ASVAB test can be taken on campus the end of October or at the recruiting office.  There are practice test guides available in the CCC for student to check out.


    Pay Close Attention to the Senior Calendar

    The senior calendar serves as a checklist so that students know month by month what needs to be done.  Find out when to order your cap and gown, when Grad Nite meetings ar held, and other important deadlines and due dates. 





Last Modified on January 28, 2023